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Americans Need to Demand Real Forensic Audits of Swing State Ballots (VIDEO) –
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Americans Need to Demand Real Forensic Audits of Swing State Ballots (VIDEO) –

Christina Bobb is a former executive secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In 2020 she joined OAN’s reporting team.

This weekend Christina Bobb released a powerful video on the election results. Christina puts in words what MILLIONS of Americans are thinking. Joe Biden is an illegitimate President, and Americans need to decide the future of our nation.

Christina explains why we must continue to push for forensic audits of results, starting in the swing states.

Christina Bobb gets it.  In her closing remarks she says what we all know – the current president in the White House is illegitimate.  Then she goes on to ask all who are watching to help out in any way they can to uncover the truth.  She says, “We can’t afford to be willfully ignorant anymore.”

One thing Americans can do is to pressure our elected officials to ensure the ballots from every swing state are forensically audited by individuals who can determine whether the ballots were legitimate or not.

We know that in states like Arizona, the politicians there refuse to have an expert analysis performed.

Bobb gets it:

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We too have reported on this lately and want to see thorough audits of all the swing state’s votes.

Americans need to press for the truth.  We need to demand it.

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