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Arizona Elections Officials Face Possible Arrest, Fail to Comply With Subpoena Demands in Election Investigation
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Arizona Elections Officials Face Possible Arrest, Fail to Comply With Subpoena Demands in Election Investigation

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? It is February 4th, 2021.  Why have we STILL not seen the required audit of Maricopa County, AZ?!

We previously reported on the history of the Maricopa election fraud and that Maricopa County intended to finally do an audit of their election, though the audit criteria was very vague and seemed to lack teeth.

In a new report from The National Pulse, despite the soft requirements of the audit, the Maricopa AZ County Election Board is still hiding election the data demanded of it months ago pertaining to the 2020 election.  Because of this, the Arizona Senate is likely to pass a resolution finding that the board has failed to comply with the subpoena that required open access to election equipment and ballots cast in the 2020 election:

“The Senate introduced the resolution Wednesday afternoon. Timing on a full Senate vote is unclear, but all 16 Republican senators are listed as sponsors, meaning it is virtually certain to pass.

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If the resolution is enacted, the five members of the county board could be arrested for failing to comply. It authorizes Senate President Karen Fann to take “all legal action” needed to enforce the subpoena.”

The resolution give the Senate the power to arrest, but it doesn’t say they will:

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“…A. If a witness neglects or refuses to obey a legislative subpoena, or, appearing, neglects or refuses to testify, the senate or the house may, by resolution entered in the journal, commit him for contempt.

B. A witness neglecting or refusing to attend in obedience to a subpoena may be arrested by the sergeant-at-arms and brought before the senate or house upon authority of a copy of the resolution signed by the president or speaker, and countersigned by the secretary or chief clerk.”

Let’s hope the arrests begin quickly.

There is absolutely no excuse–other than fraud–for a 3 months delay in getting these things out in the open for a proper forensic audit, end to end,

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