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Never-Trumper Liz Cheney Holds Leadership Position in House GOP after Secret Ballot –
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Never-Trumper Liz Cheney Holds Leadership Position in House GOP after Secret Ballot –

UPDATE—   Liz Cheney held on to her position in House Leadership on Wednesday following a secret ballot.

Republican lawmakers chose Liz Cheney over their voters.


President Trump won the largest ever Republican vote in US history and picked up Latinos, Blacks, Gays, Immigrants, and Democrat voters in the process. If not for the fraud President Trump would be starting on his second term right now.

Democrats used Liz Cheney, the third-ranked Republican in the US House of Representatives, to smear and attack President Trump during their sham impeachment in January.

On Wednesday Liz Cheney refused to apologize for her vote against President Trump in the slap-dash impeachment.

91% of Republican voters would vote for President Trump again today.
Only 13% of Wyoming Republicans would vote for Liz Cheney again.

On Wednesday Kevin McCarthy stood with Liz Cheney and NOT Republican voters and defended the Wyoming Republican for her despicable impeachment vote.

The Politico reported:

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday offered a full-throated defense of Rep. Liz Cheney to Republicans and made the case for her to stay in leadership, delivering a critical boost for the Wyoming Republican as she fights to hang on to her No. 3 position.

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During a tense, closed-door meeting with the entire GOP conference — which has been billed as a “family discussion” focused on Cheney’s fate — McCarthy said Republicans need to be united in order to win back the House in 2022 and pleaded with his party to move on.

And while the California Republican said he didn’t agree with Cheney’s vote to impeach Donald Trump, McCarthy said she had a right to vote that way. He also said members need to trust their leadership and can’t question every single decision they make.

“I want this leadership team to stay together,” he told members, according to a source inside the room.

For her part, Cheney told members that she won’t apologize for her impeachment vote, but she defended why she put out a statement on her position a day before the floor vote — timing that incensed many Republicans, since it handed Democrats a fresh batch of talking points.

But it is unlikely enough to appease a group of conservative hard-liners, who are furious with Cheney and want to oust her from leadership. They will try to force a vote on the matter during Wednesday’s meeting.

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