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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Officially Under FBI –
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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Officially Under FBI –

The disastrous New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is officially under FBI and federal prosecutor investigation, reportedly for his horrifying mishandling of nursing homes in the beginning of the pandemic.

This comes after the true number of COVID nursing home deaths was revealed and an aide admitted to intentionally hiding the accurate data from questioning authorities.

This week Cuomo made an interesting statement trying to absolve himself of any responsibility for the thousands of unnecessary deaths that directly resulted from his poor decision. He admitted that his handling of the nursing home death data had unintentionally created a “void” of information that led to misinformation and conspiracy theories.

“The void we created by not providing information was filled with skepticism and cynicism and conspiracy theories which fueled the confusion.”

Which is hilarious because all these so-called “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be completely accurate.

But he refused to apologize.

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He refused to apologize for making an executive order that flew in the face of all the available science and statistical data, forcing COVID positive patients into nursing homes filled with those who were the very most vulnerable an susceptible to the virus, directly leading to thousands of deaths.

He refused to apologize for intentionally deceiving the public about the truth for months. He won an Emmy for his power point presentation, wrote a book about his leadership, and was lauded as the greatest leader the country could ever hope for during the pandemic, and it was all a lie.

But Governor Cuomo is too pompous and arrogant to deign to offer an apology.

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