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“Please keep wearing your mask”…”We owe it” to our dogs [VIDEO]…WHAT???
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“Please keep wearing your mask”…”We owe it” to our dogs [VIDEO]…WHAT???

Dr. Jill wears a lot of hats. It’s a big job to keep up with a husband who campaigns for President of the United States from his basement. Keeping Joe on track during Zoom calls and making sure the teleprompter is always operating correctly, in case he gets a tough question from the media, like “What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream, Joe?” has to be exhausting.

When the wife of Corn Pop’s toughest rival isn’t helping Old Joe to find his way off the stage after a rousing rally with over a dozen people, she’s thinking of ways to keep her dogs happy—by wearing a mask.

In a brand new Public Service Announcement, America’s new first lady, Dr. Jill, shares an important message with everyday Americans…Wear a mask…”Even when you’re out walking your dog,” because “We owe it to our dogs.”

Dr. Jill didn’t say if you have to wear your mask if you’re alone in the woods with your dogs, but we’re gonna go out on a limb and guess that America’s new first lady, who has embraced the radical dogma of the Democrat Party for decades, is going to suggest that you do. Just to be safe, perhaps you should even consider wearing a mask to bed—if you won’t do it for yourself…do it for your dog.

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