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The Walls Are Closing In on Mitch McConnell, find out why
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The Walls Are Closing In on Mitch McConnell, find out why

Mitch McConnell has really dug his grave and now he has to lay in it.


He chose to turn his back on Trump and the 70 million Americans who voted for him and instead decided to back the D.C. establishment.

We all knew this would come back to bite McConnell and it appears that day has already come.


According to polling coming out of Kentucky, McConnell is sitting at a measly 53% approval rating, with many residents citing his betrayal of Trump as the main reason for their disapproval.

From Big League Politics

New polling in the commonwealth of Kentucky reveals that a majority of the state’s residents disapprove of the job performance of Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Minority Leader.

53% of Kentuckians disapprove of McConnell’s job performance, whereas 41% approve. The early February poll was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy.

McConnell won reelection in November, suggesting public opinion in the state on his job performance has since changed. The biggest variable is simple: McConnell delivered on a betrayal of Trump, suggesting that GOP Senators would have to make their own decision on impeachment rather than organizing the caucus against the left-wing impeachment sham.

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McConnell was never going to orchestrate a means to overturn the 2020 election. The certification gambit was little more than a stunt, with more than 90 Senators voting to affirm the electoral college results certifying Joe Biden as President. However, the so-called Republican leader has thrown his lot in with Democrats, making false allegations of incitement on the part of President Trump when the true leader of the Republican Party in fact urged his supporters to march peacefully to the Capitol before the January 6th protest.

Perhaps even more importantly, McConnell played a crucial role in sidetracking the early stages of Trump’s presidency for unpopular Conservative Inc. distractions. After a healthcare policy disaster in 2017, the tax reform bill rammed through Congress appears to have played a significant role in the Republican loss of the House of Representatives.

The Nelson County, Kentucky Republican Party passed a resolution formally censuring McConnell for his betrayal of Trump last month.

His chickens have certainly come home to roost.


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