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Trump Has a Surprise For Liz Cheney Right After Impeachment Ends
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Trump Has a Surprise For Liz Cheney Right After Impeachment Ends

I found a little scoop that I think you’ll enjoy.

I’ve said all along that President Trump will likely launch his “comeback” after the impeachment fiasco is over.

It would make no sense for him to speak out now with all of this going on – but we know it’s only a matter of time before President Trump comes roaring back – and GOP establishment and Dems know it too.

And public enemy #1 – Liz Chenney looks to be President Trump’s first target.


Cheney led a small traitorous group of 10 people in the House who actually voted “yes” for this joke impeachment.


She was joined by Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who needs to go as well. He’s more of a liberal than Joe Manchin is.

President Trump is planning on unleashing his political revenge against Cheney right after this impeachment sham is over.

His goal is to end her career.

From Washingtion Examiner

As soon as his Senate impeachment trial ends, former President Donald Trump plans to get back in public, according to his team.

With few social media avenues open to him, that will require Trump to get out personally. But he’s got a plan — and a “list.”

Early on, we’re told he’s likely to make trips to the districts of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach him, starting with House GOP leader Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

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We’re also told that his support network, including his sons, will campaign against the 10 Republicans in the revenge campaign.

President Trump will not be on his own.

His army of 75+ million will be right by his side, ready to primary these traitors.

We can’t move forward with an “America First” agenda with all of these establishment neocon relics standing in our way.

We also can’t battle the Dems with people like Cheney and Kinzinger on our side. Cleaning up the Republican Party has to be our #1 priority if we want to start winning again.


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