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[VIDEO] Richard Grenell Says Biden’s Plot Against Trump is Worse Than You Think…
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[VIDEO] Richard Grenell Says Biden’s Plot Against Trump is Worse Than You Think…

How far will Biden’s handlers go to keep up appearances?

Trump loyalist and former spy Chief Richard Grenell appeared on Newsmax where he described in detail Biden’s “Trump plot.”

And the biggest takeaway is that Biden’s plan is a heck of a lot worse than you may think.

Sure, we’re all aware that Team Biden is scared to death of President Trump…which is odd when you think about it…

If Biden supposedly won 82+ million votes – the most votes in the history of any presidential election – why should he be worried about anyone?


By all accounts, Biden should be the most beloved American president of all time, right?

But that’s not the “vibe” he’s giving off.

You never see any support for Biden anywhere – as a matter of fact, just last night during the Super Bowl, Biden and his wife Jill got a less than “warm” reception.


So, instead of celebrating his amazing “historic” win, and being showered with support and love from the American people, Biden is fretting over the power and popularity of President Trump.

And as Richard Grenell points out, it’s not enough for Biden to just “sideline” Trump…he must use the power of the presidency to cancel him all together.


When you really think about what that could mean, it’s quite scary.

How far will Biden’s power-crazed handlers go to keep up appearances?

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How can you stop a man like President Trump, who is adored and loved by the people?

Especially when you insist on making him stronger with sham impeachments and completely removing him from the internet.

President Trump hasn’t made his big “return” move yet – but he will, eventually.

My guess is he’s just waiting for the impeachment stuff to be over.

And when that happens, what will Team Biden do?


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