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Why Did Obama Need Time To Endorse Biden? Joe Won’t Be Happy! –
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Why Did Obama Need Time To Endorse Biden? Joe Won’t Be Happy! –

We can assume that Obama didn’t like Biden, the most famous president in America’s history!

As reports shared, Obama didn’t endorse Biden immediately because his favorite nominee was Elizabeth Warren!

Obama supported Elizabeth so much that he intensively searched donors to back her!

As The Hill reported, Biden collaborated with Obama for eight years like the vice president, but Obama supported Warren’s nomination in October 2019. Besides, in a New York City meeting, he searched for donors to back her.

Obama said to them that many candidates want to be president, but only a few have a ‘’why’’. – According to the book ‘’Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won The Presidency.’’

The Hill published that Warren wanted to raise the taxes to the wealthy Americans, and Obama supported her!

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Obama stated:
‘’So what if she raises your taxes a little bit? Compare that to what we have now.’’

It must be a massive disappointment for the old Joe Biden!

To work with someone for long eight years is a success. But it is a huge disappointment not to have support from that person at the beginning of your Precedential elections!

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