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Another Public Sex Scandal – But This One Ended Up Tragically! –
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Another Public Sex Scandal – But This One Ended Up Tragically! –

Another man who was basically the American Sports Superhero was found to be actually a sexual monster, having his way with seducing girls who could even be his granddaughters!

Yet Another American Hero Becomes The Monster Over Night…

Ex America’s Fierce Five Gymnasts Team, Geddert John was accused of sexual assaults and mental abuse of the 5 young gymnasts who won the gold on the Games in London back in 2012.

However, we won’t be seeing his punishment -for he’s already punished himself. Apparently, he was scared, ashamed and so no way out – which made him to took his own life with a rifle shot, just a few hours after the charges against him were being released. The charges were as the report states:

“John Geddert — the coach of the legendary 2012 Team USA gymnastics team — has been charged with multiple counts of human trafficking and sexual assault and faces up to life in prison.”

After reading this, and watching the video below, I’m not quite sure if he should go down in American history, celebrated and respected for leading the best gymnastic team ever, because apparently, those poor girls have been mentally and sexually abused by this monster, as well as the team doctor, Larry Nassar. And those girls are the true heroes to be celebrated – winning a gold medal in those kinds of circumstances and pressure!

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Aside from that, he was facing also around 20 charges of human trafficking and 1 count of racketeering! 

See the documentary for yourself and be your own judge…

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