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Cuomo – A Serial Killer For a Scened Political Cause –
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Cuomo – A Serial Killer For a Scened Political Cause –

Here’s the scenario. You get an influential person (such as Cuomo) to act as a superhero, framing someone else on the scene (Trump on the other hand), while being the total player acting on both hands.

These serious, yet very logical allegations came across the mind of Juanita Broaddrick, a great speaker and a proud supporter of Trump.

She thought about the fact long forgotten – President Trump while he was still in government, sent a 1000-bed hospital ship to New York, which was never used. Instead, Governor Andrew Cuomo, a member of the Democrats decided to use nursing homes for centers to stick in COVID patients. Where’s the logic in that? To put COVID patients into nursing homes, where the inhabitants are among the gravely endangered population to deal with the symptoms of the virus? Simply, this was done intentionally – to create a negative case scenario and use it as a media death of Trump and the prevention plan against the COVID 19 he was in charge of at the moment.

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If you think this is a conspiracy theory, just think about the facts and the most used ones that made Joe Biden and the Democrats “win” the elections? The media attacks on President Trump and his bad prevention with the COVID 19 situation.

How can you even justify this? Does the cost of a human life justify the political cause?

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