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Frank Luntz Just Tried to “Hit Back” at Tucker Carlson and Fell Flat on His Face
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Frank Luntz Just Tried to “Hit Back” at Tucker Carlson and Fell Flat on His Face

There isn’t a “feud” between Frank Luntz and Tucker Carlson.

In order for there to be a “feud,” there would have to be two equally matched people who were battling it out.

That’s not the case here.


Tucker is brilliant, successful, and powerful.

Frank Luntz is the opposite of all that.

Tucker was merely calling out a blob and a fraud, and questing why this phony shill has any influence in the Republican Party.

And Tucker was right to do so. Thanks to Tucker, we now know that the useless GOP cares what Frank Luntz says above their own voters. Luntz is a liberal lobbyist who masquerades as a “Republican.”

And also thanks to Tucker we now know that GOP leader Kevin McCarthy “rooms” with Luntz.

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Luntz is an anti-Trump globalist, so why on earth would the GOP leader be living with him?

That’s what Tucker wants to know, and so do we…

Take a look at these scathing clips from Tucker’s show.


So, how does Frank Luntz respond to this scathing attack?

Well, he tired to one-up Tucker, and it just didn’t work…at all.

Frank can’t deny any of the stuff Tucker said, because Tucker is right, so instead, Frank is now saying that the only reason Tucker attacked him is because Tucker plans to run for president.


That’s right. Frank Luntz is apparently so “powerful” that someone like Tucker needs to “attack” him if he wants to run for president or something like that…

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Western Journal reported that Fank’s comments were made on a recent podcast. Luntz told “Sway” host Kara Swisher, that he thinks Fox News host Tucker Carlson is planning to run for president.

Tucker has said repeatedly that he has no interest in running for anything, ever…but remember, Luntz is also the guy who predicted Hillary would win.

But according to Luntz, the conservative firebrand will seek the Republican Party’s nomination in 2024.

Luntz has “no doubt” about Carlson entering the race, simply because Tucker won’t stop attacking him.

Again, HUH?

Frank Luntz is clearly a narcissist with delusions of grander.

It’s obvious that Frank Luntz was mortally wounded by Tucker’s attacks and tried to deflect from what Tucker said by throwing out this absolutely buffoonish excuse.

But unless Frank Luntz knows something the rest of us don’t, Carlson will remain at his desk on Fox News for years to come, where he will continue keeping others honest. Right now, Carlson is one of the few conservative voices with a large pulpit willing to shine a light on areas where people such a Luntz would likely prefer stayed in the shadows.

Tucker was right…Frank Luntz is a complete useless joke and the GOP must cut all ties with him.

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