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MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer Gave Radical WI Printing Company $432K While Telling Citizens To Buy From MI Businesses During Pandemic
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MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer Gave Radical WI Printing Company $432K While Telling Citizens To Buy From MI Businesses During Pandemic

Michigan’s far-left, iron-fisted Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a hypocrite.

In mid-April, Whitmer mocked an estimated 15,000 Michigan residents, many of whom were business owners, for driving to the state’s Capitol to protest her unconstitutional, draconian lockdown measures that were killing their businesses.

Unfortunately, for the unpopular Democrat Governor of Michigan, her actions during the Chinese virus pandemic have exposed her as a highly partisan hack who puts the financial interests of fellow Democrats before the citizens she was elected to represent.

On April 22, Whitmer was caught giving a no-bid contract massive coronavirus public health project to an unqualified Democratic political firm owned by Michael Kolehouse, a Democratic Party activist who had just tweeted that he wished President Trump would become infected with the coronavirus.

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The contract was worth $200,000 over an eight-week period, but after she was caught, Whitmer’s administration admitted that it circumvented the process by which state contracts are normally awarded. The local media immediately dropped the story, like it never happened.

Now, it’s been discovered that while Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who continues to destroy businesses with her irrational and illogical lockdowns, has contracted a far-left, “progressive” printer in Wisconsin to publish her re-election campaign materials instead of hiring local Michigan printers.

According to reporting by Lifezette, last year Whitmer’s campaign paid Run The World a whopping $432,674 to publish her campaign materials.

Here is a breakdown of the 2020 payments:

  • $23,702 in February
  • $83,419 in May
  • $95,702 in June
  • $105,335 in July 
  • $22,384 in August 
  • $102,132 in September

The Detroit Free Press reports- A campaign spokesman says it was all a mistake.

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“The Whitmer for Governor campaign has always worked closely with union- and Michigan-based printers, and will continue to do so in the future,” said campaign spokesman Christopher Mills.

“The vendor error has been corrected to ensure that the campaign can continue to support our relationship with local union printers.”

The fundraising plea arrived at many Michigan households Tuesday with an envelope showing Whitmer at a construction site and the words: “Fixing the Damn Road Ahead — Together.” Whitmer campaigned in 2018 on a pledge to “fix the damn roads.”

Markings on the envelope and the printed materials inside show the postage was paid by Advanced Mail, a marketing company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and the materials were also printed in Wisconsin, at a union shop.

“Despite the adversity, we have all faced this year, our small businesses have proven what it means to be a Michigander, by rising to the occasion and exemplifying true innovation, collaboration, and Midwestern grit,” Whitmer said in a news release in late November.

“Our small businesses have not only supported their communities while keeping their employees, customers, and our brave front-line workers safe, but they have made us all proud to call Michigan our home. We all must continue doing our part to help our small businesses not only survive this ongoing pandemic but thrive long after it has ended.”

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