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Mike’s Advice Is Like A “Chicken Soup For The Canceled Soul” –
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Mike’s Advice Is Like A “Chicken Soup For The Canceled Soul” –

Currently, we deal with demanding and challenging times.
This morning we discovered that Biden threatened Dr. Seuss like his worst enemy.

The canceling culture is toxic and poisonous, and despite their words, the situation isn’t improving.
Everything is about power and control. They all seek that.

The situation is similar to Communist Gestapo’s storming into a city and breaking all the statues they dislike and burning books that are not in their interest. They are doing the same as ISIS, with one purpose: being better people.

This is nonsense! And we are allowing this to happen!

If “Bed Bath and Beyond” from their shelves take off “My Pillow” by Mike Lindell, you must write an email and tell them that you’re canceling them of your customer life. The reason why you should say it is because a store that sells duvets and toilet plungers shouldn’t be involved in politics.

And you repeat the same action several times until enterprises like ‘Coke’ and ‘Bed Bath and Beyond” share the message loudly and stop pushing liberal politics.
The customers are those who should determine what product should be sold. Progressive and ‘woke’ CEOs should do that!

They aren’t numerous, but they are very loud with a firm platform.
Those communists call everyone names, and they even tried to take Dr. Seuss away. We mustn’t allow this!

Below, we present to you what Mike Pompeo said regarding this question.

It is the same reason for why we allow ‘cancel culture’ to reign and ruin America and why we accept the tyrannical lockdowns and mass mandates. We are very polite and patient enough to wait until things will get better and maybe until we back to normal.

Our old normal will never come back!!!

Currently, they are playing power grab! We are the ones allowing them! We must fight because what we are doing right now is a loser game plan!

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