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Only Days After Biden Reverses Trump’s Massive Price Cuts On Insulin, Young Mom Makes Heartbreaking Video…Says She Can’t Afford To Buy $1,000 Insulin For 9-Yr-Old Son
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Only Days After Biden Reverses Trump’s Massive Price Cuts On Insulin, Young Mom Makes Heartbreaking Video…Says She Can’t Afford To Buy $1,000 Insulin For 9-Yr-Old Son

After decades of politicians saying they would reduce medical costs, none of them ever did.  None of them, that is, until President Donald Trump signed into law orders near the end of his first term to lower prescription drug costs and costs of procedures.

Now, the Biden Administration’s HHS reversed a key Trump administration drug policy.

Did they do it out of spite? Do Democrats really believe they can erase all of the massive accomplishments made by President Trump over the past 4 years?

On January 23, 100 Percent Fed Up reported -The Trump policy lowered the costs of Insulin and EpiPens and insulin by requiring community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients.

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According to Bloomberg:

“Centers that don’t pass on the savings wouldn’t qualify for federal grants. The rule, which was finalized in late December, is delayed until March 22, the Department of Health and Human Services said in a Federal Register post.”

Why would Banana Republic Biden reverse such an objectively reasonable policy?  Because the health centers said they give their word, so they don’t need a rule requiring them to keep it.

“…health centers said they already pass on those savings and this rule is merely an administrative burden that paints them as entities that price-gouge patients”

When did the left begin believing in the honor and justness of Big Pharma and Corporations?  When did they begin accepting them at their word?

Biden is in the pocket of globalist big business, including Big Pharma as well as China.  Big Pharma gets almost 100% of their prescriptions from China, which Trump sees as a huge threat to our nation.  He is right—since China could (and did during Covid) shut us off from vital medical supplies on a whim.  America would be unable to support itself during a real pandemic disaster if China decided to behave this way, again, because we no longer have multiple sources for so many medical products.

The Democrat’s reckless decisions have consequences…life and death consequences in the case of this young mom and her son…

Watch this heartbreaking video of a young mother who works full-time explain how she had to leave the insulin for her sick son at the pharmacy because she simply can’t afford the $1,000 price tag.

This young mom isn’t the only one devastated by reckless decisions made by Democrats.

Twitter user “Wayne” tweeted:

My mom passed away on Thursday because of Covid-19 & I’m just finding out now that I’ll be homeless. I’m unemployed, hungry and I’m on meds. I’m diabetic & I have to take insulin which I ran out of yesterday if you can please donate, if you can’t a retweet would help too. Thank U

President Trump was the first president to actually understand Big Pharma and produce some kind of actions that lowered costs, simplified, and made transparent payment structures for Americans.

Biden is swiftly working to reverse all of that.

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