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Pelosi “Equality” Bill Proposal Would Defund Black Universities, Makes Them Illegal
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Pelosi “Equality” Bill Proposal Would Defund Black Universities, Makes Them Illegal

Nancy Pelosi is currently pushing what she called The Equality Act. It claims to promote equality for people, but in reality it has nothing at all to do with equality and everything to do with division and control.

Trump and countless people have properly condemned the bill, which recently passed the Democrat House of Representatives and must now be approved in the Senate.

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One major flaw in such legislation and thinking is that it will inevitably destroy female sports, allowing them to be dominated by any male clown who decides to call himself a woman and cave in a woman’s skull.

Nature doesn’t care what you think or feel you are.  At this point in history, biologically the strongest men will always be stronger than the strongest women, regardless of the experimental and dangerous drug cocktails you feed them to alter their hormones and development.

In the words of Ayn Rand, “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”

This “Equality Bill” completely ignores reality in favor of a world not granted to man by the laws of physics and nature.

Democrats perpetually talk about science, often dismissing all conservatives or independents as religious dullards and rubes who do not believing in evolution.

But science is just another institution to them that they have hollowed out into an empty faith that follows none of it distilled and basic method of mindset.

According to evolutionary theory, millions and perhaps billions of years of evolution developed the biological ecosystem and two-sex system with which mankind exists.  Democrats believe that they can somehow reverse or alter perhaps billions of years of evolution with the stroke of a pen that denies the very scientific reality they proport to believe.

This is because they have been taught Critical Race Theory for years, now.  Critical Race Theory teaches that critical thinking–including mathematics, is a racist and sexist way of thinking:


Excerpt from Page 19 of Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology (2001) taught in many colleges and universities around the country.

But, as of today,  more negative repercussions of this Equality Act have recently come to light.

Atlanta Joural Contitution On Campus Reports:

Morehouse, Spelman colleges say bill may hurt federal funding

Dr. David Thomas, President of HSBC Morehouse College

The presidents of Morehouse and Spelman colleges wrote Georgia’s U.S. senators on Thursday warning of possible unintended consequences from a bill in Congress designed to extend federal civil rights protections to the LGBTQ community.

The proposed Equality Act “could render single-sex private educational institutions ineligible to receive federal funds or render them unlawful entirely,” the presidents wrote senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Spelman’s mission is to educate Black women while Morehouse’s mission is to educate Black men.

The Atlanta colleges asked for an amendment to the bill that includes an exemption for single-sex institutions of higher education. Without the amendment, Spelman spokeswoman Joyce Davis said: “The impact would be significant: If single sex colleges are disqualified from federal funding, they would cease to exist.”

Dr. Mary Schmidt, President of HSBC Spelman College

So, the presidents of Morehouse and Spelman colleges–both HBCUs–recognize an unscientific tyranny being mandated in this act.  But, instead of trying to prevent the tyranny for everyone, they are pushing for special carveouts for only their colleges which they seek to exempt from from the bill

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Wasn’t this bill supposed to be about equality for everyone?  How did it become about creating further divisions between governmentally created social classes of people? Won’t that sow further division among these groups?  And, if this bill is so good for everyone and based upon science and equality, why do some black people need to be exempt from it?

The AJC On Campus Continues:

U.S. House lawmakers passed the bill last week. A Senate vote is pending.

Other single-gender colleges in Georgia include Agnes Scott in Decatur and Wesleyan in Macon. Agnes Scott said in a statement it will also follow this issue closely.

Warnock is working with the colleges to help resolve the issue, Davis said late Friday. Ossoff’s staff is working with Warnock’s team to address the issue, a spokesman for Ossoff told us.

What is going on here?  If single-gender…ism is a bad and somehow amoral thing, why would it be allowed on any campus?  Does this tall-tale follow any consistent inner-logic?

As we said before, critical thinking is banned in a critical race theory works, so that doesn’t matter to these CRT adherents.  They just want their cut of the pie.

So, it looks like the carveouts are coming.  But why are special unequal carveouts necessary in a bill labeled as The Equality Act?

This is of course what always happens in socialist societies as they fail. Protected classes are created and infinite carveouts must be made as more protected classes are defined.  Critical thinking is ignored in favor or handouts and status.

Then, reparations and reprisals are sought ad infinitum as each protected class claims victimhood because all the laws labeled ‘equality’ have nothing to do with equality or permanence and have only served to make everyone look suspiciously at their neighbors

Orwell summed this up the tyranny of socialism very succinctly in Animal Farm:

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This begs the question, if it isn’t fair or just or lawful for Historically Black Universities to be subject to this new authoritarian mandate, then why is is fair or just or lawful to subject anyone else to it?

Keep in mind that we have already proven that any answer involving critical race theory intentionally subverts critical thinking.

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