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Rudy Mocks Swalwell’s Biggest and Most Embarrassing Impeachment Blunder
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Rudy Mocks Swalwell’s Biggest and Most Embarrassing Impeachment Blunder




Eric Swalwell really has proven himself to be an absolute bumbling fool.

Not only did this doofus compromise U.S. security by dating a Chinese spy, but apparently he can’t come up with a legal argument to save his life.

During the impeachment trial, Swalwell caused quite a firestorm when he used a tweet from a Trump supporter, which stated that she was bringing the “Calvary” to D.C.

Now Swalwell took the term “Calvary” which is religious term, and confused it with the word “cavalry,” which is another word for a large force during a war.

Trump’s most ardent supporter Rudy Giuliani was quick to rub this fact in Swalwell’s smug face.

And here’s the words side by side for reference.


Of course, users on Twitter absolutely dragged Swalwell through the mud for this outrageous blunder:

Yea – he is proving what fake/information manipulators they are… it is pretty shocking how much they manufactured…

You really cannot be this dumb.

If the tweet was in Chinese he wouldn’t have made that mistake.

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Erik Spywell is not one of the brightest member on this committee. Well no Dems are what an embarrassment these people who hold office.

Well we already know this whole set of government is pretty stupid. They don’t follow the law. They use selective editing. They sleep with Chinese spies. Fang Fang

When you are too busy sleeping w Chinese spies you can’t do research

Proof when I say, “how did this dumbass get elected”?

What an absolute joke, right?

So not only did this guy put a false “blue check” on this tweet, but he’s also misinterpreted the message entirely.

This entire piece of “evidence” should just be completely stricken from the record.


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