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Ted Cruz Is Channeling The Spirit Of Trump! He Is Fighting Back Against The A**HOLES!! –
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Ted Cruz Is Channeling The Spirit Of Trump! He Is Fighting Back Against The A**HOLES!! –

There are no more apologies! Ted Cruz has had enough!

Ted isn’t swearing every day, so this time they must have crossed the line!

We support him, and he has the right to insult those he insulted!

The people towards whom he directed his offenses are his democrat neighbors and, of course, the media. 

He addressed those neighbors who shared his wife’s group chat about the Cancun vacation on the political podcast. Ted Cruz said that everything is ridiculously politicized and nasty. He said: 

‘’ Here’s a suggestion:

  1. Just don’t be *ssholes.
  2. Just treat each other as human beings.
  3. Have some degree, some modicum of respect.”

Also, he is furious about the story of his pet. While they were on vacation, the dog was very comfortable. 

Dog’s place included heat and lights! But this is nothing new. Every person from the press knows how he takes care of the dog. Regarding this point, Cruz said: 

‘’You aren’t a real journalist if you take a picture of a dog at the door and do absolutely no fact-checking on your fake story of dog abandonment. But then again, the leftists don’t care about facts.’’

The press bothers Cruz and his whole family because Trump isn’t present anymore. Maybe Ted Cruz is currently in Texas, but the press hasn’t stopped to follow his family. They took photos of his wife, Heidi, in a swimsuit during their vacation. 

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What a circus! If you think a little bid, we can conclude that behind this absurd stands the media’s idea to get Beto O’Rouke in the news again. 

No one should care where Ted Zoomed from while he was on vacation during the Texas storm. What if he was there? Would he have cleaned the driveways or get back the electrical grid by himself? 

Joe Biden wasn’t also present, and he was at Camp David during the Texas cold snap. He was there during the whole pandemic, but no one said anything about that? 

Why Biden gets a free pass from the leftist media????? 

Continue Ted!!!

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