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This One Little Photo of Tump’s Legal Team Taken After Acquittal, Has liberals Losing Their Minds
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This One Little Photo of Tump’s Legal Team Taken After Acquittal, Has liberals Losing Their Minds

I am shocked at how many liberals actually thought President Trump would get convicted by the senate over this sham impeachment.

The first one was a joke, but this one was even more absurd.

It just goes to show that there is a large swath of Americans who are brainwashed beyond belief by the propaganda media.

Because any sane and well-informed person knew this impeachment was dead before it even left the gate.

But these liberals don’t stop and ask themselves, “Hey, am I getting bad info?”


Instead, they just think that evil Tump is “beating the system” and getting away with murder.

Logically speaking, how does a person who everyone in power hates and is trying to stop, “beat the system”? If anything, that’s the person that would get railroaded if the establishment could pull it off.

They did manage to pull off the election – which was huge – but they almost failed at that as well.


It’s not easy to take an innocent powerful person down.

So, you can imagine the elation that Team Trump felt when they heard the “acquittal” words on the Senate floor.

What a glorious day – and they did it in short order and they also humiliated the Dems and drove Mitch McConnell insane in the process.

So, as Trump’s legal team left the Senate and got on the subway to leave the building, they fist-bumped and a photographer captured it…and boy oh boy, has that photo sent liberals into an absolute meltdown.

Liberals keep saying the impeachment was “rigged.” What they fail to understand is that it wasn’t “rigged” it was doomed to fail because it was silly.

Here are some of the loony liberal comments about the photo:

“Trump is laughing at all of us right now”

“Welcome to the occupation. Trump has usurped power in exile, established an anti-government with the support of white power groups and shown his willingness/ability to attack the Capitol of the United States. The anti-party will keep seeking to divide the US like we did the USSR”

“I’d feel the same way if I knew the professor was going to give me an A even before the exam was written up.”

“How can I remove vomit from my phone screen? Asking for all of us”

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“Woohoo. We won the trial that was completely rigged in our favor from the start. Go us.”

“They can’t be dumb enough to think: – their lawyering made any difference whatsoever – that their client will actually pay them – that they’ll come out unscathed Can they???”

“Oh yeah… you guys crushed it. Trump never would have been acquitted without your sterling legal minds on the case. Geniuses!!!”

“They did nothing. It was a fix from the beginning.”

“In mocking the system, we all lose. To be clear, by “system,” I mean our form of government and sense of justice. Living in an unstable country is difficult. It’s a challenge I don’t think many Americans are up to. But by all means, fist bump away...”

It’s great to see these low-info, confused people so upset.

comunists crushed by reality.

The sad thing is, they don’t realize it’s “reality” because they’re living on some other planet, far, far away from here.


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