[VIDEO] 3 People Rushed to Hospital After Shots Fired at BLM “Armed Militia” Event in Kentucky

The group is trying to say this was an “accidental” shooting 🙄

A BLM-supporting Armed “NFAC Militia” group assembled in Kentucky’s Baxter Park.

While they were all milling about, with their BLM t-shirts and loaded weapons, one member fired off a shot, and chaos ensued.

LMPD confiscate a gun from members of the NFAC following the shooting. The group is trying to say this was an “accidental” shooting.

Oh, okay, sure bet.

From WHAS 11

MetroSafe has confirmed that at least three people were injured in a shooting at Baxter Park in the 300 block of 12th St.
It is unclear at this time, what the severity of the injuries of the victims are but a WHAS11 journalist on the scene confirms multiple were wheeled into an ambulance on stretchers.

The Russell neighborhood park is where members of the NFAC  militia have gathered for a Justice for Breonna Taylor protest march through downtown.

You can watch the video below:

Just another “peaceful protest” by those loving Black Lives Matter cherubs.

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