[VIDEO] Black Mom Cries Walking Through Demolished Grocery Store “I Can’t Buy My Kids Food. Black People Did This to Me”

This video was especially hard to watch because I’m a mom – and if you’re a mom, you understand that very basic “need” to get your kids some milk and something to eat.

I’m sure dad’s feel that too, but it’s different for mom’s – it’s so much a part of who we are and who are kids need for us to be.

So, watching this mom go through this demolished grocery store searching for food or milk for her kids, and hearing the disgust and the raw emotion in her voice really touched me.

Her words are powerful – just as powerful as the images she captured with her phone of a store that literally looked like it was hit with a nuclear bomb.

As she makes her way through, she says she’s not a thief and that she came there to buy her food. But now, thanks to what “black people did to her,” she says she can’t get food for her kids.

And she wanders down the aisles, crying, and looking at all the devastation she wonders…”Is this what we’re fighting for?”

You can watch the video below:

Some of these people are so lost and have such little hope that they don’t even realize that when they loot and riot, all they’re doing is ruining their own neighbors and families.

It’s so sick that our disgusting fake news media fans the flames for these riots too. All they care about are ratings and pushing the communist Democrat agenda. An agenda that has left every black person in the dust.

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