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[VIDEO] Dershowitz Thoroughly Pleased With This Latest Impeachment Move by Trump…
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[VIDEO] Dershowitz Thoroughly Pleased With This Latest Impeachment Move by Trump…

ems are literally reeking of desperation in this second impeachment trial.

They’re really pulling out all the pathetic stops in order to try and sway anyone to their side on this sham impeachment.

Their latest move of trying to force Trump to testify has gotta be among the dirtiest trick they’ve pulled yet.

Trump of course didn’t take the Dems bait, and they’re of course now trying to use that as yet another reason to impeach him.

But famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz stands behind Trump’s decision 100% and is cheering Trump on for refusing their demands.

Anyone who’s has even the slightest bit of knowledge on the law knows just how hopeless the entire thing is.

And according to Dershowitz, it’s not only pathetic, but it’s also unconstitutional.

From Newsmax

“It’s unconstitutional,” Dershowitz told host Carl Higbie on “Saturday Report.” “I mean, you cannot impeach a president unless he’s committed high crimes and misdemeanors and these don’t constitute high crimes and misdemeanors, they constitute Constitutionally protected speech.

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“You can condemn, you can attack, you can refuse to vote for, you can do all of those things which are politically available to you, but the one thing you can’t do is use the law, which is impeachment, on something which is protected by the First Amendment.”

In saying the Capitol rioters should be prosecuted for the violence, Dershowitz added the president cannot be blamed for their actions.

“[Impeaching the president] would do more enduring harm to our Constitution than even the horrible rioters did, although they are strongly to be condemned and I’m very glad they’re being prosecuted to the hilt,” Dershowitz said. “It’s part of the core theory of the First Amendment that you prosecute the actors, you don’t prosecute the speaker.


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