[VIDEO] Obama Turns John Lewis’s Funeral Into a DNC Convention

Obama is speaking to a room full of people, claiming “rooms full of people” are unsafe and that’s why we need mail-in voting

Leave it to failed former President Obama to turn a funeral into a DNC convention.

That’s exactly what he did today at John Lewis’s funeral.

Obama used his time to push for mail-in voting and suggested that Trump is tinkering with the post office to stop people from “safely” voting.

Mind you, he’s speaking to a room full of people, who appear to be perfectly “safe.” Nobody had to “mail-in” their grief for John Lewis’s funeral, so why do we have to mail-in our vote?

In addition, Obama said that every American citizen should be automatically registered to vote and that Election day should be a national holiday.

Obama then launched into a speech about how “peaceful” protesters are being targeted by government agents.

You can watch the videos below:

Democrats know if they don’t get mail-in voting, they’re dead in the water. And this has nothing to do with COVID, and everything to do with the fact that Joe Biden has zero enthusiasm.

And Obama is taking the lead on this because he knows that if Trump gets reelected, hiss entire “spy gate” scam will come crashing down on him and his cronies.

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