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We Are Following Through With a Fracking Ban
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We Are Following Through With a Fracking Ban

It’s been two days since his inauguration, and Joe Biden just proved why his handlers rarely allowed him to leave his basement.

Only four months ago, during a campaign trip to Scranton, PA, Biden became visibly irritated when a reporter asked him about his flip-flop stance on fracking. Last week Biden claimed during his Pittsburgh speech: “I am not banning fracking! No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me!”

However, Biden has repeatedly promised he will ban fracking. Now he’s changing his tune because the internal polling is telling him to.

“I never told the environmentalists that I’m going to ban fracking, period! Number one. Number two, it’s a flat lie about what President Trump is saying,” Biden said.

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One year ago, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appeared at a CNN town hall and stated their desire to wage a far-left war against American energy, ban fracking, eliminate all oil, coal, and natural gas, and wipe out the jobs of 10.3 million Americans, as reported by the Trump campaign.

Here is Biden repeatedly promising to eliminate fracking…roll the tape!

After four years of President Trump, who fought tooth and nail against the Democrats for lower energy costs and American energy jobs, are Americans ready for a job-killing president who’s willing to destroy our economy and energy independence?

Are we ready for a president who will say anything to appeal to the center and then shift hard left after he won (stole) the election?

Conservative Kyle Kashuv tweeted an Oct. 7, tweet by Kamala Harris saying: “@JoeBiden will not ban fracking. That is a fact,” next to a headline in Townhall stating that the Biden administration plans to follow through with a fracking ban.

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich reports – Speaking at the White House Tuesday night, Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed President Biden will follow through with campaign promises to ban new fracking on federal land.

“President Biden promised to end all new oil and gas leasing on federal lands when was a candidate,” a reporter asked. “Does the administration still have that commitment today? To end that lease?”

“We do and the leases will be reviewed by our team we just have only been in office for less than a day now,” Psaki said.

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