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What Happened On Day Two of Impeachment Proves Mitch McConnell is Working With Dems
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What Happened On Day Two of Impeachment Proves Mitch McConnell is Working With Dems

At the Wednesday Senate impeachment trial Democrats made a fetish of praising Republican senators they recently abhorred, trying to draw them into the net as they did Senator Bill Cassidy, Republican of Louisiana on the jurisdictional vote. They also trotted out some new information. It was, it must be said, compelling viewing.

But the main thrust was divide and conquer, as clip after Democrat clip showed Mitch McConnell defying the president on Trump’s absurd bid for continued power and the Democrat references to Mike Pence were positive in the extreme. As well they should be, as those two men are patriots who did their constitutional duty in the face of the childish blowhard in the White House. Granted, a bellowing git I’d vote for again if he was running against Joe Biden.

Though to hear this GOP praise coming from Democrats was a bit much. Not too long ago it was “Cocaine Mitch” and Pence was a fundamentalist crazy who relied on the Bible like smart hostesses rely on Emily Post. However, now all is forgiven. Even Senators Cruz and Hawley, reviled because they dared to challenge election results, got glowing references from the podium on Wednesday.

Clearly, Mitch has provided Dems with some of their best material and that’s not by “chance.”

The day was a pivot from loony leftist Democrat standard operating procedures to Democrats loving law enforcement, respecting Republicans, and otherwise acting sane. Quite a show. Quite a fiction.

As per performances, Democrat sobbing and lip biting was ubiquitous. To the point that manager Madeline Dean’s crying was so fake, down to the scheduled break after it so network sob sisters could praise her for her contrived emotion, to be completely laughable. The fake cry and choke up has been a consistent Dem feature during this trial. Obviously playing to a distaff audience. It didn’t let up on Wednesday.

BTw, some of these Dem House impeachment managers, like Dean, may use their newfound prominence to run for higher office. Bet on it.

An interesting side note: It was reported by Democrats that then AG Bill Barr told Trump to his face that widespread election fraud claims were “bullshit.” Wow. Bravo. That’s guts.

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Joe Neguse of Colorado continued to come off as reasoned and logical. Weirdly, Eric Swalwell did not make a fool of himself, as neither did Joaquin Castro. Jaime Raskin was his by now usual maudlin and cloying self. Stacy Plaskett was telegenic and self-referential, as the vast majority were, especially Cicilline. Lieu was good and made his arguments well. The comms were again excellent. The Republicans will have a tall order matching the Democrat videos, as the facts tend to support the Democrat case and the videos captured that quite well.

All Democrats took part in the Eddie Haskell-like divide and conquer strategy to try and praise and nudge Republican senators and Republicans at home in the Democrat direction. It will do no good, as both Republicans at large and their senators are not budging on this one. But, the Democrats are putting on a good show.


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